7 Reasons to say “I love you” to children every day

“I love you” are two words that have a great positive effect on children and that they should hear every day. Why is it so important to tell them? Next we are going to give you some reasons to be aware of why you should do it every day of your life. From now on it should be something usual for you! You will be reminding your children how much you care about them.

In addition to saying it, you must not forget that you must also demonstrate it … There are no words that have a true value without being accompanied by actions. Actions are necessary and so children will really feel loved.

They will trust you

It is clear that you will not always give them the best advice and there will be days of conflict and tears, but they will know that you will always do your best for them.

They will feel that they are valuable

When children know that you love them for who they are, they will realize the true value of their lives. People understand the value of life when they realize how important they are to others and how much they love them. And in this, quality always wins over quantity.

They will grow up happy

Love is patient. Love enjoys the good and tries to overcome the bad. Give children time to gain wisdom, discretion, and understanding. This will help them grow happy, knowing that love can be healthy as long as it feels right, avoiding toxic feelings like jealousy or control.

It will allow them to make mistakes.

A natural manifestation of love is forgiveness: when we love someone, we forgive their mistakes. Children who feel they are loved know that they will be forgiven even after making the inevitable mistakes that we all make. Remember though: they need correction.

Provide correction

Love always seeks the best in another. As a result, love must provide correction. And while this can sometimes feel like punishment, it can also seem like constant encouragement. Always look for the best in another. Discipline is much easier to receive when the motives are not selfish.

Will give hope

Love produces hope in our lives. It gives the feeling that we are valuable, pleasant and worthy. And in the life of a young child, this brings hope for the future, he will feel that he is capable of anything!

Provide motivation to love others

When love has changed our lives, we are much more likely to extend our love to others. In doing so, we reproduce each of these life-enhancing qualities in the life of another. And the world keeps smiling.